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Sandy brought a wealth of experience

Like most people, we went through the due diligence of speaking to a number of real estate agents and of all the ones we spoke to, Sandy gave us the most confidence of helping us achieve the goals we had with respect to selling our property.

Sandy brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and worked tirelessly for us throughout the sales period.  Not only did she manage to get an offer close to our asking price within 4 days of us signing up, she ultimately, and much to our elation, sold our property for about 5% more than the original sale price goal we had, and on more than own occasion were happy to settle for a lesser percentage. Nevertheless, Sandy continued to persist.

We were very happy with our decision to go with Sandy  and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a real estate agency that can offer them peace of mind and trust.

James and Irene Bradden

Thank you for the information and your time

I would just like to compliment you on your efficient communication as well as your polite, patient and articulate manner. It is much appreciated and has made my job much easier when completing the enquiries involved in this incident. The real estate field could do with more of you!


James Bowen

Award Winner!

Thanks for being such a great manager Karen....really mean that, not just saying! No wonder you receive awards

Thanks again.

Sonia Lacy

'very professional, expeditious and advantageous manner'

I have great pleasure in recommending to you Karen Joseph who has carried out excellent services in managing a rental property for me and then organising the sale of the property in a very professional, expeditious and advantageous manner.


29 testimonials found - Page 4 of 8